An Incident in My Pretty Much Perfect Holiday

An Incident in My Pretty Much Perfect HolidayDuring the National Holidays, my family and I went to London, UK. It was my first time in Europe, and I was very excited. It was the second day of my vacation, when I went to the famous Piccadilly Circus. We had eaten dinner and were roaming around in the streets, when I saw some very bright lights. We walked over to see what they were, and I immediately jumped up and down with excitement when I saw that the gigantic billboard said, M&Ms World! It was a huge, four story building with souvenirs, statues, and even three meter tall tubes, all full of different colored M&Ms, like violet, or pink. At the end, I ended up buying a t-shirt, and a pair of socks, which the cashier stuffed in a yellow bag. Its color was exactly the same as the color you see on the Peanut M&Ms’ bag. I was very happy at the end. Afterwards, we went to a big souvenir shop where we bought t-shirts, postcards, and other things, and then we took a taxi back to the hotel.

I was planning on wearing the t-shirt the next day, so I decided to get ready so that I could change quickly. When we looked at all our stuff that we bought, it wasn’t there. Instead of trying to remember where I last put it, I PANICKED. I told my mother, and she was shocked at my forgetfulness. I was very shocked myself, too. My mother calmed me down, and asked me if I remembered where I last put them. I was absolutely sure that it wasn’t in the taxi, because I would’ve noticed. The only other possibility was the souvenir shop where we went right after going to the M&M’s World. I had a hazy feeling that it was near the pillar that had funny t-shirts hanging from it. I looked in my father and sister’s room, but it wasn’t there. That night, I did not sleep comfortably.

The next day, we went to Oxford University. From time to time, I remembered my missing stuff, but I soon forgot about it. When we came back to Piccadilly Circus in the afternoon, I felt bad again. We reached the shop and I looked around the pillar, but it wasn’t there. After looking, my father told the cashier about my bag. As he looked around in the back, I closed my eyes, and wished for luck. When I opened them, my father was dangling the bag in front of me. I was so happy that I almost cried, but you can’t blame me. That day, I learned that you have to be aware of your belongings, whether you are on vacation, or even at your home.

Submitted by: Haru Kamimura QSI Middle

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