My Summer Holiday

My Summer HolidayMy family goes on vacation every summer holiday, but this time we couldn’t go on a trip, because mom had to give birth.  So my family went to Korea. My mom stayed in my maternal grandmother’s house, and Brad, Dad and I stayed in my paternal grandmother’s house.

Brad and I learned a lot in Korea this time. We practiced golf every morning at the golf club. The teacher was very kind to us; sometimes he bought us some drinks and told us about his life story. He loves baseball like me, so I talked about baseball with him sometimes. Brad is strong, when he hit the ball, it flies over 130 yards, but I thought he was not interested in golf. If we come back home, nice meals would be on the table, because grandma cooks delicious food. I played online games with my friends after lunch; I can chat with my friends too. When it started to get bored, I called my mom by ‘Skype’, and mom would tell me the baby kicked her stomach when they were listening to classical music. The bell rang when I was talking about golf. The math teacher came to our house.

The math class began, actually it was first time I studied math with teacher, so I was a little bit nervous. She spoke hard to me, because she only teaches middle or high school students. I thought she loves to teach and she wants me to study more with her, but of course I refused, so she suggested I should do the remaining things or homework in Brad’s second hour.

I really love to play baseball; I’m good at pitching. My favorite baseball team is ‘Doosan Bears’, so I begged Dad go to watch baseball match, he agreed because he likes baseball too. When we arrived, many people were in there. There were many fans of ‘Doosan Bears’. Unfortunately, our team lost by 2:0, it was so awful.

One day at 7:00AM, grandma woke me up and that time I really didn’t want to wake up. Dad shouted “Hurry, we should get to mom!” I washed and dressed quickly. Dad, Brad and I got to the car and said to grandma “we’ll soon be back!” then we called to mom, grandma picked it up “the baby is almost coming, hurry!” It was quite long distance from dad’s mom’s to mom’s mom. However dad drove so quickly, to be honest, he drove almost 170km/hour! Grandma called us and told the baby had already born. And when we got there we saw a cute baby. Dad decided to name her ‘Yoon-ki’, it is not name girls, but Brad’s name end with ‘ki’, mine too, so Dad wanted my sister same with us.

My family got back to China with big happiness, with a new member of our family.

Submitted by: Louis (Min Ki) Kim QSI Middle

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