My Summer Holiday

My Summer HolidayThis summer holiday, I went to Shanghai, with Mum and my sister.  At the airport when we arrived, we planned to ride the “magnetic train.”  As we sat on the train seat, the train began to move slowly, then faster and faster.  Out the window, I saw views flying past my eyes.  And the magnets allowed the train to tilt, and I was completely leaning on my window.  The whole journey felt like flying.  Finally, the train gathered at full speed, and it charged across the bridge in what felt like a heartbeat.

The next day, we went on a double-decker tour bus.  The top had no roof.  It was really fun, especially when it zooms through tunnels and bridges.  The wind buffeted my hair, and it and it whips onto my face, so it cover my eyes from the buildings ahead.  As the bus stopped at a street, there were French buildings, knowing that France had once ruled Shanghai.  There was a clock tower, a round-roof building, and some other old, but magnificent ones.

The double-decker also stopped at museums, shopping streets and metro stations.  It stopped at another building, the pearl tower.  The Pearl Tower was a high tower with many levels.  We went up the elevator to the 260th floor, and it was breathtakingly high.  There was also   a wax museum on the bottom floor.  Inside were different “peoples” from different times.  A medicine man making medicine from the old ages, (real sounds and movement) and a wax business man carrying a bag further down the museum from the Modern ages.  Everything inside was really realistic.

For the next few days, we went to different places, including the aquarium. The aquarium was really big. We soon halted at a big tank. It was so big at first I thought it was the whale section!  Actually it was the crocodile tank.  I pressed my hands onto the glass.  A crocodile swam over and gave me an evil grin.  I backed away just in time to see another crocodile snap on a duck.  The duck gave one last pitiful wail, and disappeared under the water.  Actually though I didn’t like the scene, but I   was sort of hoping to see one perform the death roll!

The pearl tower at night is a must see scenery.  The yellow, green, purple, red and blue lights lit the dull sky with colorful flashes.  The people that stood beneath the tower, opened their mouths wide in excitement, staring at the strikes that stroke the sky.   So this is Shanghai, I thought. It will be an unforgettable memory. Like what Marco polo said; I haven’t wrote half of what I saw. I haven’t, either. Because some memories are easy to write, to tell, others, the ones I haven’t told, are too complicated to explain.

Submitted by: Rose Wei QSI Middle

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