Short Summer Vacation

Short Summer VacationLast summer our family went to Cebu, Philippines. I mean it was fantastically good. Only one thing that made me disappointed and made me like a chocolate was the weather. It was too hot, if you don’t put your sunscreen on, you are being stupid, and your skin colors will be different then now.  Anyway we enjoyed so much that we didn’t wanted to go back to Shenzhen.  I also didn’t want to comeback, my family either didn’t want to comeback too. But that’s life.

On the first day, when we arrived, I saw a shuttle bus, and it is from hotel. My legs felt it like they were going to break in a second. We sat at the back of the bus and the bus started to leave.

An hour later, our bus arrived to the hotel that we were going to stay for a week. The hotel was all white. The inside was white; the buildings were painted white. My dad went to the desk to get the room number.

After we came into our room, I saw swimming pool by the window and I wanted to go and swim. No one in my family did except for me. I forced them and the first one who agreed with me was my little sister Lucille. Because she didn’t know what I was talking about, and I asked ‘will you go??Will you??’She started to jump on the sofa. Guess what? My mom heard me shouting. She was angry at me. She didn’t talk to me like a min. Like a min later, she went to her room and  decided to go to a shopping mall called “SM” and I had no idea what that was.

We went on by a taxi, first we entered the mall and I found star bucks and again forced my parents to go in. we drank a green tea latte. It was cold!! Only are families bought the Grande but the girl who stands right in front of the desk clicked tall which was the smallest. We knew that she gave us the tall, but we had no time tell her.

The last day, my dad and I went  snorkeling. I fed small fishes to big fishes. My dad went inside the water. Under the water, my favorite fish was the clown fish. It reminded me of Nemo. First they didn’t like me and  maybe they were scared of me.. But when time went on and on, we became friends. (I think so) They started to come and get the bread from me. When I was enjoying feeding the fishes, I didn’t know that time passed. It was so fast. I was really angry. But when I came back to the room and tell about the story to my mom, suddenly the negative things in my mind passed away and I only thought of good thing until I came back to Shenzhen.

Submitted by: Kyung-Eun QSI Middle

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