Hiking Trip over Maluan Mountain Rescheduled

Maluan Mountain Hike is rescheduled for November 19th

Hike along natural waterfall and luxuriant vegetation of Maluan Mountain.

  • Level: Easy to Moderate sometimes.
  • Suitable for kids above 5 years with good physical condition.
  • When: November 19, 2011

Tour price (based on 15 participants) is 530 RMBfor SACS member, 630 RMB for non members.Half price for kids below 12 yo.

It includes: Snacks, water, soft drinks, lunch, transportation and expert guide.


8:00 Sea World meeting point.

8:30 Coco Park pick up.

9:30 Arrival in Xiaomeisha. Start of the trekking up the hill surrounded by a wonderful scenery with many rare flowers and trees.

12:00 Arrival to the top of the mountain. We will then have lunch in a typical restaurant with a spectacular view of the Bay.

14:00 After a rest we will hike the way down using a different path along a creek with beautiful waterfall. (This is the highlight of the trip, we can even swim in the natural pool!).

16:30 End of the hike in Xiaomeisha.

17:30 Coco park drop off.

18:00 Sea World – end of the tour

Any queries, please contact Virginie :programsdirector@shenzhenacs.com

Hiking Trip over Maluan Mountain Rescheduled

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