5 Rules of Performance Nutrition – Rule 3

5 Rules of Performance Nutrition - Rule 3Rule Three: This is a very important rule to follow when eating and if followed, will greatly boost your fitness goals. To put it in simply – Everything that goes into your month should have a purpose.

Every successful athlete follows this concept. They don’t just eat for the sake of eating, and they certainly don’t eat anything that looks tasty whenever they feel like. It’s a concept that many people can’t wrap their head around and sounds very extreme, but in order to achieve your goals whether it be performance goals for sport, or general fitness goals and especially physique goals, correct nutrition is an important element that brings about true results.

You’ll be surprised to see that by reminding yourself that food is supposed to have a positive purpose for your body and sticking to guidelines that con-inside with your goals, results will come quicker and you will feel better, be more active, less stressed and more healthy than ever. This is because not only are you giving your body just what it needs to perform the days’ exercise and even simple day to day tasks, but you are not giving your body extra calories to deal with, as well eliminating fat, salt and sugar rich food which have a negative effect on your body.

Here are some simple tips to help put this rule into practice. When you sit down to eat, ask yourself, “What am I going to be doing for the next three hours of my life?” If you nap, eat fewer carbohydrate foods; if you plan to train, eat more carbohydrates. In other words, adjust your carbohydrates up or down depending upon anticipated energy out put.

Remember carbohydrates are the bodies preferred source of energy. So why would you have a large pasta meal for dinner right before bed, which is an all too familiar western meal choice, where do you think all that pasta (carbohydrates) goes? Your body does burn calories during sleep to keep you bodily functions going, but not enough to justify pasta.

I myself am so used to looking 4 hours or more ahead before eating that it’s natural for me. It’s become very strange for me to have heavy carbohydrates for dinner, it’s something I know will not help my fat levels in my body. However it seems that people have been caught up in this routine of – small breakfast, middle size lunch and heavy large dinner. Not only is that too few meals to boost your metabolism (RULE ONE – have at least 5 small meals a day) but if anything it should be the only way around. Breakfast literally translated means Break the Fast, the fast from the long sleep. Breakfast should be your biggest meal. Your body is starving for nutrients and also by eating large meals for breakfast you have the whole day to use the energy.

There is a famous saying that is another good guideline to follow with the days’ meals. Eat like a King for breakfast, eat like a solider for lunch and eat like a peasant for dinner.

With every meal during your day try to maintain the appropriate portion control (Rule Two) of carbohydrates, protein and fats with little or no carbohydrates in the evening. Also in future articles I will discuss how to incorporate slower digesting proteins later in the day to aid your muscles develop during the night sleep. Rule four will discuss in depth calories, and understanding how to manipulate calories in food to achieve your fitness goals.

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