Yao Goes Back to School

Yao goes back to schoolBasketball star, Yao Ming is going back to school to pursue a university degree. The former Houston Rockets player went to his first class in Shanghai’s prestigious Jiaotong University, with a class schedule that included subjects in Math, English and modern Chinese history.

Yao said his first day was quite tiring since it’s been ten years since he was in a classroom. Yao is aiming to earn an undergraduate degree in economics and management, and he chose to attend a university rather than hiring private tutors. He said it is more comfortable studying in a classroom than doing it alone.

He is currently  balancing studying while running the Shanghai Sharks, a Chinese basketball team, plus a tight schedule of public appearances. Yao’s appearance in the campus created a great deal of chaos when students lined up to take photos with him and asked for autographs. Yao will also take some of his classes one-on-one with several professors to avoid anymore disturbance in the campus.

Yao’s academic career was placed on hold when he began playing for the NBA in the 2002 season.

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