White Horse Laboratories Week 42 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 42 Counterfeit Detection ReportStatistics are calculated as a percentage of all lots dispositioned within the given time period. Accept  is defined as customer acceptance of report device condition. Pass is defined as meeting electrical parameters defined by the agreed upon test plan.

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Week 42 Results

Inspection: 50% Accept    Testing: 60% Pass

Week 42  Substandard Parts Listing

Motorola MC145426P (Date Codes 8812, 8927, 9632, 9908, and 0003) - 7% failure- bad protection diodes.

NXP Semiconductor BUK215-50Y (Date Code 0740) - 38% failure - low breakdown and shorts to battery pin.

Panasonic DS4E-S-DC24V (Date Code 1009) - 16% failure - one or more contacts not closing.

Vishay SST511-T1-E3 (Date Code not marked or labeled) - 100% faiulre - parts do not regulate the current above VL and below POV, and show linear characteristics.

STMicroelectronics STF15NM60ND (Date Code 0113) - 100% failure - high Rds(on) and high Igss.

Philips Semiconductor HEF4755VD (Date Code 0405) - 16% failure - short pins and bad protection diodes.

ON Semiconductor MAC16NG (Date Code 1138) - 33% failure - high Idrm, high Irrm, and low Igt.

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