Pingshan to Xichong Beach Hike

Pingshan to Xichong Beach HikeTo reach the starting of this hike you will have to drive to Pingshan in Longgang district and take the 6 lanes BYD road that just pass in front to the famous car maker factory.

You can arrive from two different direction : from the coastal Hiway ( exit Kuichong) or from the Highway to Huizhou ( exit Pingshan) , when you will be at BYD road , almost at the middle , you will find Jiang Ling road that turn in the direction of the mountain. You have to continue for about one kilometer straight and then turn up the hill, following the yellow stripes that indicate the bike trek along the 238 country road ( Xiangdao road). After few hundreds meters you will find a gate where you should live your car and start your Hiking.

In the beginning the paved road is quite flat following the river in a green valley in direction south. After one hour of easy walk you will find some intersection with other paths. You should always follow the yellow stripes that will take you in sight of a first large lake and after a very nice group of ancient Hakka style houses to a second very large lake.

The road continue along the lake shore ( area of water source protection ) and then will arrive to a second intersection where is located a big stone where is carved ( in Chinese characters) the following part of your hiking in direction of the waterfall and the small Maluan village.

Continue to walk along the lake and after twenty minutes you will arrive in sight of a impressive waterfall, one of the largest in the Shenzhen territory. You have to leave the main road and continue in direction of the waterfall for about 10 minutes before to arrive to the site that is really amazing, with a pool where is possible to swim.

This is a good place where to sit for a pic-nic. If you like local food restaurant, you should come back to the road and walk for other 20 minutes uphill. There are two restaurants there: one beside a pool of clear water, another inside a very nice Hakka old house.

After lunch you can start your way back to Shenzhen. You will walk in the reverse direction until the dam of the large lake. About one hundred meters after the dam, you will find a good unpaved path on your right. Take this path that continue in the south direction trough a dense vegetated valley and slowly you will come out from the mountain to get an impressive sea view over the Xichong small beach ( not to be confused with the Xichong long beach that is located in Nanao territory ).

The way down is quite long, about two hours, but is really very nice in between beautiful trees and flowers.

Finally you will arrive to the village of Dongbei where you will find again the paved road.

You are almost arrived , after crossing a bridge over the coastal Highway you should join the Green way N2 path( Xi Ping Lu) that will take you in about 20 minutes to the small Xichong beach ( entrance 15 rmb ) a well organized sea side area with restaurant and other beach services including canoe and sailing boats rentals.

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Marco Loglio was born in Northern Italy. Shortly after he arrived in Shenzhen in the early 1990’s, he realized that next to the busy city center where over 10 million people live and work, there are still untouched areas where one can relax, enjoy spectacular scenery, visit abandoned villages, forests, waterfalls, lakes, and even see rare animals.

It is while conducting hiking and cycling groups in these areas for nearly 10 years that Marco decided to compile and share his knowledge in a single volume: “Shenzhen Hikes.”

Marco is an well-known Italian author and has published articles in various Chinese newspapers, including Shenzhen Daily.

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