AdrenalineIn life we have experiences that we will never forget.  I had one last year, in far north Shenzhen, which I will definitely never forget. I’m the kind of person who likes adventure.  I love having my blood intensely and insanely pumping through my veins. Adrenaline!  In my family it’s divided, my dad is insane for speed, and my mom loves heights. I’m passionate for both. I can be in a car 100 miles per hour and not be scared, as well as bungee jumping without a single goose bump.

The amazing thing about this experience is that I wasn’t only feeling the adrenaline, I was living it. My dad woke me up one morning, and said that we were going to do something fun. We got into the car, and I feel asleep. I just remember being woken up by the roaring sound of go-carts. I instantly fell in love. Just the sound made my heart rush. In my head everything was in slow motion. I saw the racing carts slowly make a turn. I had to get out of the family car, and onto that track.

I rushed to get the proper clothes on; I tied my hair into a bun, zipped my jacket and took off. My dad saw how excited I was, and just followed behind. I steeped into my go-cart, my dad into his. The lady that worked on the track carefully explained how the cart worked. I couldn’t bother hearing what she was saying; having my hands on that wheel just made me want to take off.  Everything went to slow motion again. I saw the flag going down. And my foot just instantly pressed the throttle.

My vision went back to normal, I saw myself going as fast as I possibly could. I didn’t care about anything else. Winning was far in the back my mind. I just enjoyed having the wind blowing through my hair, my feet going back and forth on the throttle, my hands tightly holding and turning the hard wheel. For once in a long time I felt in control of everything. I was alone, and had no one to help me; just me and the cart. Then, I saw my dad passing beside me. I wasn’t going to let him pass one more time. So, I turned the wheel as hard as I could to the left; my head burning with sweat, and heart beating as fast as it possibly could. I totally blocked my dad from passing; he had to back off. And I’m pretty sure that my dad, as much as anyone else in the track, was pretty impressed.

As soon as my dad backed up, I stepped on the throttle, and just raced and raced. I enjoyed the moment. Having the opportunity to be in control was awesome, and I will never forget it. Nowadays, whenever something happens and my dad sees that I need a break, he takes me to the Shenzhen Honey Lake Park Karting. I usually like to go by myself, just to chill and race, but every once in a while I bring a friend to enjoy what I do. If you live in Shenzhen and like, or would like to try go-carting or just have a break; Honey Lake is a great choice.

Submitted by: Ana Mitkiewicz QSI Middle

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