Chinese New Year

Chinese New YearChinese New Year is the most important and famous holiday in China. What I like the most is that people wear new clothes, eat delicious traditional Chinese food and what kids most love: they get a lot of money!

I love Chinese New Year, because I get a lot of new clothes! Adults buy kids a lot of clothes during the Chinese New Year, because they want to show people it will be a New Year and with beautiful clothing. It represents wealth. The most important color to wear is red, because it was once believed that red could scare away evil spirits and bad fortune.

Chinese New Year food is very traditional; there are certain foods that you must eat, especially two must-eat foods. First, you have to eat Rice Cake, because it represents “getting better year by year.” So to a businessman it symbolizes that every year their business will be more successful. The second food is a type of fish called carp. People are not allowed to eat until the end of the New Year. It is called Nian Nian You Yu(年年有余). It means to have a surplus every year, which creates wealth. So it means to have a surplus of everything every year, for example clothes and money.

The best thing that most kids love is that your elders give you money in red envelopes. It is a tradition for 5,000 years in China. It brings good luck, and wishes the best for them. The money makes kids happy and cheers them up, but the real important part is the red envelope. It was believed that money helps kill evil spirits. When kids receive a lot of money, it means they will be healthy and smart the following year.

I love Chinese New Year because it’s a brand new start awaiting of a new year. I think it’s very unique and special compared to other cultures New Year’s holidays, because it has many different traditions; eating all types of foods, buying and shopping for new things to wear to represent a brand new year, and also tons of money to save or just buy things. I also love it because everyone is running and busy with all the things to prepare; for example, making dumplings, buying new cloths and buying blessing papers to put on doors of houses, meeting a lot of relatives from far away. I love Chinese New Year!

Submitted by: Babilla Wu Zen QSI Middle

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