Favorite thing to do in Shekou

Favorite thing to do in ShekouIn my opinion Shekou is the best part of Shenzhen for hanging out. Sometimes on the weekend me and my friends go hang out at a billiards place near Seaworld. It is the best place because it has a fair price for the bar and the equipment. Pool is the best sport to play in Shekou, because it is cheap and fun for everyone.

I love to hang out with my friends at Seaworld because everyone knows it, everyone likes it and it has places to eat. Every weekend I go there to eat with my friends, and later play pool. We see lots of people from our school in Seaworld, especially from my grade. The other good things is that Seaworld is a peaceful place, but not quiet.

Pool is pure geometry. I don’t hate, but I don’t like math. I just love pool because I can make angles just from looking at the ball and getting it inside the hole. When the ball isn’t aligned with the hole and the white ball, what you do is you try to make an imaginary line that makes a perfect angle and try to hit the side of the colorful ball. If you’re good at geometry, you will be a good player. I get such a good feeling when I hit the balls into the pockets.

Rose Garden Two is another great place to go, because it has pool bars, restaurants, Seven-Eleven and more. Some of my friends live in Rose Garden Two, so it’s easier for them to come and hang out. Cheers has a good table for pool and the best ribs in Shenzhen! The best times to go to Rose Garden Two are from noon to 4:30 in the afternoon, because that’s when the places are empty.

Old Shekou is the best! Old Shekou is a little dirty and disorganized, but you can find absolutely anything you want! I only go there with my friends when we need to buy something fast. Old Shekou is the closest and cheapest place to buy everything. It’s located after Seaworld, heading the contrary way from QSI.

Submitted by: Arthur Stamer QSI Middle

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