How I spent my Chinese National Holiday

How I spent my Chinese National HolidayI woke to the sound of birds chirping and the sight of sunlight streaming in through to window. Nah, just kidding, I actually woke up to the sound of TV and the sight of my mother’s looming figure standing in the doorway, no doubt sent to drag me from the comfort of my bed and send me off on to the road to dance class. You’d think that she’d let me relax for one day, but no, I still have to go.

Dance class is not very enjoyable to me. Here’s the reason why. We spend almost an hour (or more) just doing stretching moves devised to make people suffer. Not only do I have to endure an hour or so of pulling myself to the extreme, I also have to stand my teacher’s pulling and pushing on my legs and back to make me more flexible. This is the kind of torture I’m subjected to every week, and I have no intention of becoming a human rubber band.

Now you can imagine my reluctance to go to dance class, but do I have any choice? No, I very obviously do not. After me being dragged off to dance class, the rest I will leave to your imagination. Slowly, one and a half hours passed and I walked out the door to the classroom, fresh air has never been so sweet. Even though I survived another lesson, every single cell in my body was struggling to keep functioning, threatening to stop working if I don’t get a rest soon. So as soon as I got home I sprawled on the sofa without a care in the world.

Every single week I am subjected to this torture, not to mention today. My legs just don’t feel right and I’ve got a load of other homework to do so I’ll wrap this up with something I’m determined to do: Keep fit. Or else another one of those dancing lessons will be all I need to fall apart. Literally.

This is how I spent my Chinese National holiday, training to be a human rubber band. I don’t recommend spending yours this way. Pain will take on a whole new meaning once you go to dancing lessons.

Submitted by: Coco Li QSI Middle

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