Ice-skatingOne of my favorite things to do in Shenzhen is ice-skating. A lot of people like to watch Hokey or contests on TV. Others like to be on the ice. I personally enjoy watching TV for events where people are on the ice as much as to be on the ice. I know some places in Shenzhen where you can really enjoy ice-skating.

I like to go ice-skating because of many reasons. First when I’m going on the ice it remains me of Canada, which has a long and cold winter. It also has many lakes, rivers and inside ice rinks on which you can go ice-skating. Another reason is that when I am going on the ice I feel free to do everything I want. I also like the ambiance: most ice rinks in Shenzhen play some good music.

On ice you can do many things, like play hockey. Hockey is very popular sport in Canada so we learned to play that sport when we are young. We can also watch TV and look at the games. In Shenzhen hockey is not so popular but there are still some teams. Another spot you can do on the ice is figure skating; there are many contests in Shenzhen because many girls are doing figure skating. Speed skating is an option in some ice rinks. It is a sport for skaters who like speed. And there are hours in the rinks where you can relax and have fun with your friends and family. It is what most of the people do.

There are some really good places to ice-skate in Shenzhen so let me tell you some. One of the best is in Coastal City, it is one of the best because there is always some good music, and it also has many lockers so you won’t miss. At that ice rink you can borrow some skates. The ice rink of Holiday Plaza is not bad, but a little bit small compared to the rink of Coastal City. If you like figure skating it is a good place to buy some clothes for contests The Wanxiang Chengzhen  Ice Rink is the biggest on; Olympic standard. At that ice rink you can sometimes play hockey, do figure skating or speed skating. The Hai’an Skating Rink is the best one if you like to watch competitions. It has at least 300 seats for people to watch. It also has a good sound system, professional light effects and a DJ. It is famous because it had been built by the same guy who did the rink for the Olympic winter games in Italy. The Alpine Ice and Snow World Skating Rink is famous because it is located in the famous “Window of the World” and has many contests.

Even if I don’t go ice-skating so often I know a lot about it because it is certainly my most favorite subject to talk about. And be careful of the figure skaters if you go ice-skating or you might get hit in the face by one of their skates because they never care if there are people around them or not.

Submitted by: Samantha Rocher QSI Middle

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