JoyKids are always happy when they hang out with friends. When I hang out with my friends I always have a fun time. Friends are the closest thing you have besides your parents. You always share secrets with them and you express yourself to them. Most kids go to their close friends when they are emotional. I have the most fun when I hang out with my friends. They always make me laugh and happy. My favorite thing to do is to play with them. Without them I get so freaking bored, because all I do is stay home and watch TV. I enjoy playing with them when we go somewhere fun, play at their house and play sports.

My friends and I always go somewhere fun. We mostly hangout in Seaworld where there is a lot of restaurants. We also play hide and seek around there, because it’s really big and there is a lot of people. When I am the tagger I always stop, hide and find the guys who are hiding. When I see one I look at them like a hawk, because I don’t want to lose them. For me this is the best way to easily tag them. The thing I like to do the most is to play pool inside Navy. When you go inside navy you go upstairs. You can hear music and inside it’s dark and gloomy. While you play pool there is music in the background, so it helps you concentrate on your shots. I rock, and can beat everyone.

I really like playing at my friends’ house. One of them has a Play Station 3, which is awesome. I can beat all of them in a game called Black Ops. Beating me is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We mostly watch hilarious movies. I laugh so freaking hard. I could never stop laughing, because it’s so so so funny. One thing I hate is when we watch scary movies, because I always remember the scary parts in my mind. I always get so scared in the dark, so whenever they are going to watch a scary movie I would go away. There are so many things we could do at their house.

I hate being really tired, but I love playing sports with my friends. We often play basketball, because many people like it. I am always the shortest one there, but I still am able to block some of their shots. I could jump really high. Sometimes, I also play soccer. My friends and I often play World Cup. If you score a goal you go in the next round. I don’t want to stay inside a house all day just playing video games. I want to go out in the sun, that’s why I am so dark.

It sucks when your parents won’t allow you to hang out with your friends. They always make me happy and I always have the time of my life. Even though sometimes we get mad at each other, we will still be friends forever.

Submited by: Kenneth Falculan QSI Middle

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