My Favorite Thing in Shekou

My Favorite Thing in ShekouMy favorite thing to do in Shekou is going to the Haunted House during the Autumn Fair every year. The Haunted House is always decorated like a Palace of Dead and the people who work for the Haunted House dress as if they are truly demented. They frighten the people visiting the Haunted House very intimidating ways.

The decorations in the haunted house look so realistic and believable. When you enter it even if it isn’t cold you feel as if it were a frosty night. There was a fake pond during the trip to the Haunted House. They play the sound of something dripping like blood and you feel as if you are walking towards a bloody pond. When you finally approach it feels as if you squashing bones under your feet, because of the crunching noise. There was a part of the Haunted House where you had to go under a table, but it felt like you were actually going under a prickly bush with a cat ready to pounce out at you any second.

The people in the haunted house have such innovative costumes that make them look manic and fanatic. One person had a pure white lab coat that made him look like scientist out of his mind. There was person lying on a table and his shirt was illuminating white with crimson red marks on it that represented blood. It clearly looked like he had been severely stabbed with a razor-sharp knife. The person who would accompany you through the Haunted House was dressed as if she was a loyal servant. She had an orange and black combination and it was covered with tiny orange pumpkins smiling as if they were going to eat you.

The way the people scare you in the Haunted House is very daunting. They scare you as if they were crazy. Sometimes they gather around you as if they were blood-thirsty zombies. They scream and yell in unsettling voices as if they were going through deadly surgery. They also frighten you by sometimes laying or sitting on the ground and acting as if they were dead.

There aren’t a lot of Haunted Houses in Shenzhen, and the QSI autumn fair has one of the few. They have great costumes, decorations, and ways to frighten. Each year they have great haunted houses, but this year was the best in my opinion. Even though they are scary, they are still my favorite place to go.

Submitted by: Nishant Aswani QSI Middle

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