My Favorite thing to do in Shenzhen

My Favorite thing to do in ShenzhenMy favorite thing to do in Shenzhen is dog walking. I know this may seem silly, but it’s really important to me. I feel like I’m giving back and making a difference while I do it. This is because of who I walk the dogs for; a very caring organization.

I dog walk for Judy’s Dog Rescue a local, but not very well known organization. There are eight dogs living at the rescue right now. Only one or two might be adopted over the course of this year. Five live in the garden of an apartment which also stores furniture. The other three live in the furniture shop next to Charlie USA. One is barely more than a puppy, and one has only one eye. All of the dogs were rescued off the streets and one from inside the window of a pet shop during the hot summer. That one was only a couple weeks old. Some were in better condition than others when they were rescued, but now all are happy and healthy.

I go on Tuesdays and Thursday s to volunteer for half an hour. The whole time I am reminded of how lucky the dogs are, and how lucky my pets are to have a home. They get lots of attention from me and the other volunteers every day, but they still need a family and home of their own. It makes me happy to know that I am helping make their lives better. I think of Judy’s every time I see a stray animal while walking around Shekou. That is why I love dog walking. I don’t get paid, but am still happy because money isn’t everything and happiness is what you gain. I got a dog from Judy’s dog rescue and she is the happiest, friendliest, dog you’ll ever meet.  All of the dogs at Judy’s are, and that’s why I love to dog walk because it makes them happy.

Dog walking is my favorite thing to do in Shenzhen because it makes me and others happy. You should see the dogs when anyone walks or plays with them. They are so happy because they know they’ve got a good life. When they are happy, so am I.

Submitted by: Claire Warner QSI Middle

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