My Summer Holiday

My Summer HolidayDo you know the Forbidden City in Beijing? Do you know the Great Wall of China? Do you know Universal Studios in Japan, Osaka? Have you gone there before? I was so excited that I was going to Universal Studios.

In the year 2011-6-25, I went to Universal Studios in Osaka. That’s a place in Japan. There, there were movies, games, parade, etc. In the games, there was Spiderman, Back to the Future, Jaws, Space Fantasy, and Shriek the 3D movie.

In Spiderman, you wouldn’t want to go there if you had 3D glasses. But you have no choice. You’ll have to wear 3D glasses because it’s fun. The game is like a rollercoaster instead, were inside. In the game, you’re going to ride a thing that’s like a car. You and Spiderman will save the world and being a superhero by having a big journey but really, your disturbing Spiderman. He saves your life but you don’t. That’s not an acceptable sentence. That time when I was there in the Spiderman game, I didn’t even know what the story means.

In the game Back to the Future, you will easily know that there is a time machine going on in this game. If you said that, you were right. In this game, it started like a short story. The story is about a robber has came to the time machine lab. He got all the guards. And off his way to the time machine. But suddenly we came and found all the guards tied up with ropes. We went of to get the second time machine. That’s the story. Next, we ride on a time machine. We were trying to catch the bad guy. Really the game was more like a movie because the car was jumping around but in the front, it’s just a big screen and the television goes on. After the journey while catching that robber, we end up with a happy ending.

Next, was Jaws. The game was you’re going to have a boat and your going to cross a fake lake. The news says that there is a kind of shark that’s in the river and has already killed many boats and people. Somehow we have to have a choice. First, we kill the shark dead and be safe. Or we send out messages like SOS. Or we die. This choice has to be the first. But don’t worry. Let me tell you, it’s just fake ……. Ok let’s come back to the story. So our journey is going to sacrifice our self to get rid of those poopoo sharks? Nooooo!!!! I was not even paying attention to the story. Ok, let’s start our journey. We were about to use a shotgun in the middle of a jungle where we saw a big shark coming towards us. Booom! What a big crash! Our boat almost went upside down. The driver used the shotgun and boom! When there was no sight of sharks, we were safe. This was a no good story. After a few more boom! And a few more boom! We finally survived in that awful lake.

Oh no the story is not over. This is still the beginning. There was also one that’s called Space Fantasy. Cool name yeah. It’s a rollercoaster game but more than that! We have rollercoaster plus Space Mountain in Disney land. That’s how the game is. There is also a story to. The story is….. Once upon a time, there was a sun, but in a few years. The suns energy was going down. The point is humans have some energy. So the humans have to ride this kind of space ship and go to the solar system and help the sun. While you are riding the space ship, you would somehow feel very fast. Like I said its Space Mountain plus rollercoaster equals Space Fantasy.

Then at last, but not least, the 3D movie shriek. The movie was like a short video, but more like a podcast. Before the movie, there was a short video so we know what the story happened during shriek 1. Really, it wasn’t really interesting.

Submitted by: Marco Nie QSI Middle

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