My Summer Vacation

My Summer VacationOne summer day, I was sitting on a chair, wasting the battery on my DSI. I was as bored as can be. I had been waiting for nearly 2 hours! I was at the Vancouver airport waiting for my next flight. I was traveling to China from the U.S. and transferring in Vancouver.  For some reason, my ticket showed that I was sitting a few rows in front of my grandpa and my brother. When we got on the airplane, I had to ask if I could switch seats so they let me sit with my family. Once we got seated, I started to watch movies the whole time starting with How to Train Your Dragon. It was my favorite movie.  I didn’t even have time to sleep.

I was relieved when we got to China because I thought that I would have a lot of fun once I got to China.  That is because my mom went to China before me and I thought that she had found some cool stuff.  Little did I know that she had to go to work for most of the day. The only thing I could do at home was either watch TV or play the computer.  I usually played AQ Worlds or on www.maxgames.com.  But when my mom came home, she would usually take my brother and I to go swimming. We have a swimming pool in the complex.  It is so awesome.  I usually splashed other kids in the pool and then went under the water.  I also had fun splashing the teacher.  I enjoy swimming in the deep end.

Near the end of summer break, my friends and I went to Ocean Park in Guangzhou.  My favorite part was at the wave pool where I just floated in the middle and the waves, which were pretty big, moved me back onto the shore and so I just swam back in.  We also rented a raft, so we sat in the raft, and just relaxed until the ride stopped.  I had a blast!

About a month before summer break ended, my mom, my brother, and I went to the movies.  We saw Cars 2 twice, once in Chinese and once in English, we also watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.

I had an awesome summer vacation.  Even though the first half was sort of boring, the second half made up for it.

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