My Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation One day it was a bright summer morning. That day after school it would be summer break! When I got home there were backpacks in the play area! I was really surprised. So I asked my mom “Mom why is there bags in the play area “She answered me back saying “We are going to go to Spain tomorrow.”Wahoo”! I shouted. But instead like we had to stop in Germany everyone in my family wanted to stay for two more days except for me.

Though the fun thing was that we got to see the castle of how they designed the Disney castle. The other day, the one before that we went on a trip. The third day we took an airplane to Spain. We also had to take a train. Exactly when we got there we went to my uncle’s house and we got to see my brand new baby cousin. We made a plan of how to surprise my grandma. The plan was for my uncle to go for lunch. Then when about 5 or 15 minutes past we would open the door with my uncle’s key. When we did it she was so surprised she started crying. We had lunch after we said hello and everything.

Most of the days, I would go to the beach and have lunch with my uncle. But then the days past and it was time to go. I almost cried. It was the saddest day in my vacation. When I came to china I was late, so I did not go to school. The next day I was shy. I hoped someone was there when I came so they could see me. Gladly there was. I was so happy that I was with somebody when I came cause then I would be totally, totally shy. I was so happy and I think I had the best vacation ever!

Submitted by: Yraya W. QSI Middle

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