Sunday the 9th

Sunday the 9thOnce upon a time, there was a guy named Thomas. That was me. I got up to skype with my friends, and I skyped for two hours.

Then Taj, Kate, and Grace knocked on my door at 11:00 am. I got ready, ate breakfast, and then I went outside to the playground at 11:30 am. We talked, and then we played Base 41-a game where you have one person to guard the base, and the other people try to get to the base. We played with the little kids, and had a good time.

After that, we went inside for water. While the girls went inside for lunch, Timmy came. Taj, Timmy and I went inside to play Legos. We played that for a little while, and then we decided to play Nerf outside. First we made the rules: we got five lives, and the knife killed you when you got stabbed two times. Jaya and I were against Taj and Timmy first.

Jaya and I creamed everyone in the first round. The second round, it was much closer. I made the winning shot at Taj. We then changed teams. I pumped up my machine gun. Taj cocked his double pistols. On the other side, Jaya cocked his semi-automatic, long-range, silenced shotgun. Timmy pumped his machine gun. Taj and I lost by a lot. We battled again. Taj ran along the street, Timmy’s bullets bouncing harmlessly behind him. But he was out of bounds, so we lost. Timmy and I against Taj and Jaya was a disaster. Timmy and I creamed so much that we each only lost one life each.

Before the last round, Jackson and Owen came. Jackson asked Timmy if his gun was a water gun, and Timmy said, “You want to see?” and spattered Jackson with bullets.

Owen asked if I could shoot mine, and I said yes, and spattered him.

When the last round finally started, it was getting dark. But before we could start, Jaya and Taj left. So Jackson, Owen, Timmy and I played. Finally, I went to Taj’s house and gave him back his Nerf gun. That was a memorable day for me!

Submitted by: Thomas Wilkens QSI Middle

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