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The TopMy favorite place in Shekou is a restaurant: The Top. The top is an Italian restaurant. The best thing in this restaurant is their food, I have already tried many restaurants in Shenzhen and I believe they have the best food in Shekou. Other than the food the top is cool because of their location, they are in the center of Shekou. I think this is quite important for a restaurant. The last thing I like about the restaurant is the atmosphere, they have nice design and they can speak English.

The top have a nice variety of food. The two meals I like the most and I would like to tell you about are the fillet minion and the pizza. One of the reasons I like their steak is because they have a black pepper sauce. The sauce is a little spicy but goes really good on the steak! Another reason I like their steak is because it’s very juicy and soft and these parameters are very important for me. Another food I think is delicious is the pizza margarita. The pizza has lots of cheese and is very thin. It’s also warm when they serve it so the cheese is still melting!

I think the location of the restaurant is real good. First because it’s on the top of a building, they have good view, you can see the sea world and at night you can see the lights around you.  Secondly, because it’s in the center of Shekou. It is easy to get there, although it is not in sea world, it is just nearby. And the most important point is the distance from my house; this is the closet restaurant to my house. Of course this is a big advantage as I can arrive quickly when I’m hungry.

The third point I want to raise is The Top’s “atmosphere”. First of all it is designed in a very western way; the chairs, tables, lamps, pictures and even the walls. When I come in I have the feeling I am in Italy. The place is very quiet and relaxing and most of the time it is not very crowded. Another important point is the bathroom, it isn’t Chinese bathroom; people who have trouble with the Chinese bathroom will feel more comfortable. One more thing is their nice (safe) king-size balcony; both adults and children can enjoy it. Last but not least, the waiters can speak English which is very useful for people who don’t speak Chinese like me.

To summarize, The Top is my favorite place in Shekou. Maybe now after reading my paper you can understand why. The good food especially if you like Pizza and steak is the most important for me. The location is perfect for people who live in Shekou. And not less important the nice Atmosphere, especially if you are homesick to your western country. So, the next time you feel hungry go and try it.

Submitted by: Ido Enav QSI Middle

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