Things I Do in Shekou

Things I Do in ShekouPeople like many different things. Some like sports, video games, or even just hanging around. People also like fishing, jogging, etc. These hobbies might interest people. Every week, I play soccer, ride my bike, and play my video games. There are certain reasons why I like these activities.

 First, I play soccer every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I always play after school because I have no time to play in the morning. I play on the QSI field where there is a large soccer pitch. I am now playing for the QSI soccer team. There is a big tournament coming up at the end of October that I am really looking forward to!

I ride my bike every Sunday, or on days that I have to go somewhere near my house. I like riding my bike because when I ride, I feel the wind hitting my face and it feels comfortable. On Sundays, I ride my bike is because I go to Jing Shan to play tennis. Sometimes, I ride my bike to go to the soccer field. I also ride my bike when I go to indoor swimming pool. So my bike is an awesome traveling kit.

Lastly, I play my video games a lot. I use them whenever I’m bored or finished my homework. I like to play my PSP, iPod, or Wii. I can never be tired of playing my games because there are more than enough games for me to play. Video games are excellent to fill up my boring time.

 These are the reasons why I like to play soccer, ride my bike, and play my video games. My hobbies are mainly to play sports or to stay at my house playing video games. These are the things I do in Shekou.

Submitted by: Naoya Saito QSI Middle

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