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Trip to MalaysiaTwo months ago, on August 21st, our family went to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for my summer vacation. We had to wait till 3:30, but I was too excited that I didn’t care about the time. But one thing made me disappointed. Our trip was delayed for two hours. That made me little mad. I waited till 5:30. Finally, our trip started. I saw a red poster, and it said if they made us wait two or more hours, they would pay us some money (I think it was 200 RMB). My dad told me to just ignore it, and have fun on our trip to Malaysia. It took a long time to get there. We finally arrived. We headed to our Hotel, Nexus Hotel. It was luxurious. The light bulbs were all fancy with diamonds. And also, it was so big that we had to ride a mini-bus to get to our room.

We went to the beach to play. The sand was so beautiful and so soft. I went into the water. My eyes almost popped out. I could see sands even when I got deeper. After, we were walking around and saw a giant alligator. But no, it was a LIZARD!!! We took lots of pictures. My brother was so interested that he kept taking pictures. The rest of our family got tired of waiting for him. In the swimming pool, my dad suggested to play a game. The game was studying about Malaysia. He give us a quiz and he would throw the beach-volley ball, and the first person who got the answer will go for the ball and the second person will go after the first person, trying to get the ball away from the first. The person who brings the ball to my dad will get a prize like cookies, coke, ice-creams, etc. My brother and I learned so much about Malaysia.

We went to go Kayaking. It was really fun. We rented two boats. My brother and mom rode together in one boat; my dad and I rode one boat together. There was a wave.  The wave was so strong that it was hard to balance.

It was the end of our trip. On the fourth day, we all went back to our own place with long faces. I almost cried. I think the Nexus Hotel is a beautiful place to come on vacation. If someone interviews me about my favorite trip, I would definitely say Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, and Nexus Hotel.

Submitted by: YeBon QSI Middle

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