DameishaThe first day of Dameisha was thrilling! I rode there in my daddy’s car. I and my family went there. After checking in we went to our room, we put our suitcases on the shelves. I put my coconut tree plum baby island swimming suit on and took my wety bag. I wore my sunglasses, hat, and had my crocs. In my wety bag I have my goggles, swimming cap, flip flops, camera, and my towels. I took my bucket, shovel, scraper, and sea horse print. I also put my KFC bowls in it. At last I went with daddy, mom, and little sister. I was bowled over by the beautifulness of the beach. The sky was immensely blue, the air was flooded with the gracious light of the sea.

I played with sand and I made many foods with it like cake, jam, bread, ice cream, and so on. I had lots of fun feeding the pretend food to my little sister. Next I jumped on the waves with my little sister. I was plum tired at the beach so we went to the swimming pool. I rode on two slides. One was yellow and one was blue. I also rode with daddy! Next I ate lunch. I took a long nap after that. AGAIN, I went to the beach. I put on my sugar plum baby unicorn flower swimming suit and put on my brown sundress. I even put on my sunglasses and hat. In my wety bag I had my flip flops, clothes, goggles, swimming cap, camera, and towels. Then I took my shovel, scraper, bucket, bowls, and a seahorse print.

I went with mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa, and Olivia. When we got there I wanted to go to the ocean and I brought my swim float and went with daddy into the ocean. Next I went to the swimming pool. I swam like a fishy. We played “fish tag.” I came back to the hotel and ate dinner. After dinner I went to sleep. We were tired, especially daddy.  He looked like the slumbering frog, Gorky!

Submitted by: Madison Xu SIS Primary

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