The Advantages of Using Barbell Chains

If you’ve been able to visit Fusion Fitness in recent weeks (we hope you have, if not, come over for a run and a smoothie!) then you will surely have noticed the set of large chains hanging on our squat rack and more than likely will have wondered what they are for. Josh Phillips gives us a run down of just what they are and how you use them.

What are Barbell Chains?
Barbell Chains are chains of various weights that are attached to the end of the barbell and manipulate the total weight of the barbell as the chain leaves the ground or recoils to the ground.

Who should use chains?
Chains are best used for the purposes of
- Improving power
- Working on the final 2/3 of the strongest part of the movement

How do you use the chains
- The chains are attached to the end of the barbell and coiled directly under the bar
- Chains can also simply be held and then exercises performed, such as lateral raises or front raises

What are the benefits of training with chains?
- Improved strength and power
- Core training also heavily incorporated

Example chain training exercises
- Bench w/Chains
- Squats w/Chains
-Shoulder Press w/Chains
-Shoulder Raises w/Chains

Training with chains can be great for improving strength at certain points in the movement, increasing power and incorporating the core. Build using the chains into your program once a week, alternating exercises every other week.

Come down to Fusion Fitness to find the most comprehensive gym in the Pearl River Delta, with the equipment and experience to help anyone get into and stay in shape, be they novice or experienced gym-goers. 

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  1. Came down last night, awesome set up. Those huge ropes were great fun and I was feeling it after 30 seconds.
    The smoothie I tried, almond butter I think was delicious.
    Good work guys.

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