The True Story of Goldilock and the Three Bears

The True Story of Goldilock and the Three BearsOnce upon of time there were three brown bears who were scared of Goldilocks. Whenever they were thinking of Goldilocks, they would hide under the bed crying, “Help! Help!” Why were they so scared of Goldilocks? They had heard that she was and a terrible bully. She especially hates bears and would beat them up .But all of this was not true, Goldilocks was a very sweet and smart girl with lovely curly blonde hair. Instead of being a bully, she was quiet the opposite. She was scared of snakes, rats, and bugs. Her worst fear of all was bears, especially brown ones!

One day, her family was moving into the forest. Goldilocks kept asking her parents, “Are there any bugs?! Or snakes?! OR BEARS?!” After two days, the parents had finished building their house and they had moved in.

`Just across the dirt track from Goldilocks’ new house, Mr. .Bear and Mrs. Bear sat in their living room talking. “I wonder what news the “Forest Daily” has thee days?” Mr. Bear asked Mrs. Bear. “OH MY!” said Mr. Bear, “Look, Honey, Look! This article says that Miss Goldilocks has been seen in this forest in a house that is located, right across from our house! What will we do?!”

“I bet she has guns, bombs, shrinking rays, cannons, swords, knives, lasers……!” Mrs. Bear exclaimed in horror.

“We should stop reading this newspaper. They just want to sell more papers, so they put sensational news in it. Most of it is a bunch of lies.”

The next day, Goldilocks went for a walk. Along the way she saw a beautiful butterfly and she wanted to catch I, but as she ran after it she always missed. The butterfly led her to a big house with a flowerpot on a windowsill. She thought, “I can go visit our neighbor and we can talk about many things.”

When she knocked on the door, it opened a crack. She shyly pushed the door all the way open and inside. She was surprised to three bears looking at her with frightened eyes. She gasped .Then the bears gasped! Mr. Bear quickly whispered in Mrs. Bear’s ears, “Why is she scared of us? I thought we were the ones who should be scared. Should we ace good? We are friendly bears, not horrible and dangerous bears. So the bears explained to Goldilocks that they were scared of people and they were not the kind of bears, who were dangerous,

So they all became good neighbors. In fact, Goldilocks and baby bear became best friends and spent many hours chasing butterflies together .And so they all lived happily ever after.

Submitted by: Mimi Li SIS Primary

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