LostBEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I woke up immediately with a jump, shook my mom as hard as I could while screaming “Mom! Wake up you lazy bones; it’s time to go to Tokyo Disneyland!! Why do you think we came all the way from Shenzhen?!” It was 8 am and I didn’t want the tour group to leave us behind! I know she isn’t looking forward to the long lines, noisy crowds, and a hot marathon-like walk, so you should understand my feelings at this hopeless moment.

Thankfully, the bus waited, and we got there faster than a F1 Ferrari race car. The first thing I did after I got inside was to run for the first roller coaster I could see. Then it was the log ride where we got completely soaked. Space Mountain was the next thrilling event, followed by the dreadful Mali boomer. Up next was the unpredictable and creepy New York Coaster that I was just tall enough to ride. Finally, was the parade!

While mom was searching for a spot to sit, something wrong happened at the wrong time, and at the wrong place. As I was half following who I thought was mom and half looking at the scene, we sat down. I looked at her, “Wait a minute, you’re not my mom!” That was when I realized I was lost!! It was madness! I dashed from corner to corner shouting my mom’s name, but no good news. I tried everything I could, but even after one hour, I still didn’t find her. Then I looked at the map hopelessly, and found this lost children center. I started dashing anxiously towards it.

I just totally freaked out, and it was probably my last chance. I timidly peeked inside of the room, then I felt like a tiger attack. I wasn’t quick enough to see and dodge, but then I realized it was my mom. It turns out to be that my mom was crying, and smiling at the same time (which looks pretty weird if you could imagine). After that moment, everything went exactly the way I wanted it to be.

Later on, we headed towards the Tokyo International Airport and arrived in Shenzhen. The feeling when I came back to Shenzhen was so good it is too hard to explain, and that’s probably my last time at Tokyo, and Disneyland. The journey itself just felt like the most terrifying roller coaster you could think of. While looking at my mom sleeping like a dead pig, I said to myself, “I’ll stay in this beautiful city for the rest of my life, and I laid down on my bed and fell asleep.

Submitted by: Angus Wu SIS Primary

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