My First Day at SIS

My First Day at SIS“Help, Help!” I told myself panicking. I got out of my car not sure where to go!  It was my first day at SIS, and my father helped me get to my line but it turned out to be the 2C line!  “I want to get to my class 3A!” I cried.  My face turned pale. I was lost! A tall lady saw me and asked me what class I was in.  A moment after I told her, she walked me to my class on the 4th floor.

By the time I reached my class, my legs were sore and I could barely take a step. I thanked the lady and walked to my classroom. I managed to take few steps further to have a better look at my class.

“Fourteen students including me!” I shrieked. Everyone stared at me. I turned around in embarrassment. My teacher, Ms. Hominski, walked to me and said that it is okay. I raced to my seat, put my head down and worked on my word search.

During recess I got to learn the names of the kids that were in my class. I also got to make 2 new friends. One was named Isabel and the other was Ashley.  I was glad no one looked at me and said “She was the one who screamed in my class!”

The rest of the day went normal but only until Science. During Science Ms. Hominski was picking our partners for the day. To make matters worse I was with a boy! Not just any ordinary boy but an irritating one!

The day went miserably. When class was about to end Ms. Hominski assigned some homework. Everybody booed. Except me!

When I got home my mom asked me how the day went but all I could do was shout, “No!” I ran to my room and told myself that the rest of the year would go better than today.

Like I expected, the rest of the year went great because I made new friends, learned interesting stuff and also had fun in class. Now I am in the 4th grade and still continuing to enjoy going to SIS!

Submitted by: Shayna Talpallikar SIS Primary

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