The Dentist

The DentistThe worst day was on a Saturday when I went to a dentist. At first, when I heard that we were going to the dentist, I was terrified they might use a drill! When I was younger, I went to a Korean dentist in China. The doctor shouted in an old, pig, voice “Open your mouth!” But I didn’t.

So, I was in a big trouble. He shouted for five whole minutes and tried to open my mouth with his own rubber glove smelling hand! But this time when I arrived at the dentist, my mom said, in a serious voice, “I have no problems with my teeth, but you have many problems in yours because you eat so many sweets!”

The doctor looked into my large mouth with a mirror and said “No, No, No. No problems.” Then, my mom sat on the chair proudly, but kind of scared. The doctor checked my mom’s teeth and said “Yes, problems.” I laughed at her. Too bad for my mom.

Submitted by: Jenny Lee SIS Primary

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