The True Story of Cinderella

The True Story of CinderellaOnce upon a time, far far away, there was a town named Mellie. On the 18th block of Hoofer Street stood a house that, unlike the others, had no garden. The house was dressed in dark-green mold. It was a tiny house with only one floor. There were no windows and the beige paint on the old, worn, structure was mostly peeled. The room was as vile as it was outside. Inside, was a flat room with creaky, wooden floorboards that were pale and dusty. The small space only contained three things: a black and scaly cauldron enough to hold water from a standard water-cooler, a medium sized shelf holding an assortment of things.

Starting from the top shelf, you will find a box of frog puff, lightning water, a black cup of rare transformation blob, a stacked set of primary potion, and other miscellaneous things. The third object in the room was a box placed in front of the cauldron. It was large enough for someone to sit on and indeed there was. On it sat an old man wearing a long, blue cloak dragged behind by his body. There were blotches of potion staining on his cloak. In his hand he was tightly clutching a book entitled: Ye Old Wizard Medicines.

It was rough and scratchy with small prints inside. He began to stand up from the box and walked to the shelf. Still holding the book, he bent down, “Aye, Aye. A box of energy leaf, I remember putting it here,” he muttered to himself, squinting his small eyes.

He swiftly swiped a jar labeled: ENERGRY  LEAF, 200  PIECES . The old man peered into the jar: glowing, white, and translucent liquid lit through the dusty glass as pieces of great, green leaf glided through the water and occasionally smearing on the glass. The wizard twisted open the jar as he led himself towards the cauldron. It was filled with purple, bubbly liquid. The old man fished five pieces that smelled like herbs out. He dropped them in the container then a great deal of glowing, blue smoke exploded out of the cauldron. The man coughed and peered into the container. The purple liquid was now tweaked with great green and the bubbly and watery liquid was now a thick, gloopy mixture.

BAM! The door pounded open. Sunlight streamed through the room. The man tried to adjust to the absolute brightness in the doorway. A freckled young girl stood in front of him. She had long, blonde hair, big eyes, and her face was wearing an evil, smile. “Hi Cindy! I was just making Ciblic Cooler, want to join me?” smiled the old man.

“No!” screamed Cinderella, then she stomped hardly out the door.

Cinderella walked fast in her long dress. Her speed brought her to the edge of the town connecting to the thick forest. Cinderella sped on and saw a tall tower with a special design of intricate colors of bricks. She recognized it as the tower Rapunzel was locked in. She now greatly slowed down her pace and noticed a worn house made completely out of candy. There were holes in the outside of the house to prove that many people had walked by and plucked their choice of delicacy off the house.

Cinderella had now gone out of the forest and into a green, vast field. Out of the corner of her eyes, there was a lake with clean blue-green lake.. It was wet from yesterday’s rain. A tiny bit of white sand was squished in between the field and the lake, like how dawn slips in the crack of day and night’s huge masts. A cool autumn breeze danced through the air.

Suddenly, the young girl noticed a cottage perched on the rim of the medium-sized lake. It was made out of straws and hay. Cinderella trotted towards the cottage. She was afraid when she saw some symbols from the book Dark Magix on the cone-shaped roof. She stared at the knob-less, wooden door. There weren’t supposed to be another magician in this town. If they were, I’m in real danger! Cinderella thought. She pushed the unlocked door and peered inside.

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