White Horse Laboratories Week 47 Counterfeit Detection Report

White Horse Laboratories Week 47 Counterfeit Detection ReportStatistics are calculated as a percentage of all lots dispositioned within the given time period. “Accept” is defined as customer acceptance of report device condition.  “Pass” is defined as meeting electrical parameters defined by the agreed upon test plan.

We hope you find this report informative and usefull for your organization.

Week 47

Inspection: 67% Accept   Testing: 80% Pass

Week 47 Substandard Part Listing

Plessey SL486DP (Date Codes 9406 & 9432) - 100% failure - no output switching during transmission of PWM signal and high regulator output voltage (spec is 5.9V – 6.9V, measured > 9.3V).

Sanyo 2SB1204-S-TL-E5 (Lot Code 10A16S10A10) - 100% failure - low DC current drain, hFE (spec is > 34.99, measured 28), and high collector-to-emitter saturation voltage, Vce(sat) (spec is < 500mV, measured > 568mV).

Nichicon UPW1E152MHD6 (Date/Lot Code not labeled or marked) - 58% failure - high capacitance (spec is 1.5mF +/- 20% (1.2mF – 1.8mF), failures measured > 1.82mF).

December Poll #1

Continued Effects from the Thai Floods?

This week we continue our discussion about the ongoing effects of the severe flooding in Thailand. 44% of last week’s voters felt the surge was caused by actual production shortages caused by the break in the supply chain in the wake of the floods, and there was a 22% equal split on purchasing to stores to hedge against potential shortages and cyclical seasonal demand approaching the holidays.

We’re curious to get your take on the issue and get a consensus on when everyone thinks things will stabilize from producers in Thailand in the coming year.

We’ll post the results here, in our monthly newsletter, on our website, and our new Twitter page,@whitehorselabs.

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