The Boys Are Back In Town – Futian and Shekou Face Off Before their Annual Christmas Party

The historical rivalry between rugby giants the Shenzhen Dragaons and the Shekou Pythons took another twist.

Olivier “the beast” Faustini returned to competitive rugby with a glorious comeback. Absentee Captain, Yves Yoseph led the Pythons well, starting with his directions to the pitch. Yosephs’ hands-off approach to captaincy was effective, seeing the Pythons run in try after try. Gregoire Mullender, newbie Python, was quoted as saying, “the quality of the Pâté could have been better, but the baguette was excellent”

At the after-match press conference, the Dragons spiritual leader, Darragh AKA “Captain Jack” Hudson, invited the Pythons for an after-match sampling of amber necter at Rapscallions’ version of the OK Corral, however forgot to mention this to the Futian-based Dragons, none of which turned up on time.

Futian Dragon’s startegist, Jason Holladay perfectly anticipated Gloria “am I really that hot” Ansels’ close fitting lycra outfit would prove a distraction for the Shekou Pythons. Gloria was ruthless in defence negating try after try.

Julien “the razor” Berge sliced and diced the Futian defences with his intuitive play. Thibaut Jullien’s relentless attack was negated by the Futian Dragons having read all the Tinitin comics, thus understamding his moves.

Dan “Python  wannabe” Beach was no longer his svelt self off the right wing after eating all the food in Futian, causing food shortages in the Coco Park area. Frederick “Cave Man” Massard was effective on the Python left wing interchanging with Vivian “the General” Lin.

Shekou player of the decade, Herve “the fist” Le Prince, MVP 2009 and 2010, had a great game, though unlike training, passed accurately and caught all passes.

Rob “Bros” Hales was quoted as saying, “it was an easy win, due to Marcus “the traitor” Mahers horendous display on the wing.

Tommy “I use my own product” Wong led from the front for the Dragons with his fast hands and aggressive play.

Sadly the match was a controversial affair with inconsistent umpiring by Byron “the blind” Trump, the Pythons believed they won eleven tries to seven, however Dan Beach of the Drag
ons called it a draw and wished there was more food.

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