Passengers Now Required to Show IDs Before Purchasing Tickets

Passengers are Required to Show IDs Before Purchasing TicketsTo help track ticket touts, passengers are now required to show valid Ids before they can purchase tickets. A train ticketing system will now print tickets with the passenger’s name on it. One Valid ID can purchase one ticket per route on any date.

A maximum of five tickets can be purchased as long as the purchaser brings along valid Ids of the five other passengers. Foreigners traveling using the railway need to present their passports before they can purchase tickets. Passengers can also purchase tickets for others as long as they bring the person’s ID card. Tickets can be either purchased online, by phone or by standing in line at ticket counters, which usually takes time.

Considered one of the most popular modes of transportation in China, railways transport around 235 million passengers during the Chinese New Year travel season that this year will begin on January 8. Chinese New Year is the most popular time for migrant workers to travel home to see family, normally once a year, much like Westerners often travel home for Christmas. Tickets usually can’t keep up with the demand of travelers during travel peaks and ticket scalpers usually take advantage during this time since they can hoard tickets and resell them at a much higher price.

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