Conflict and Peace

Conflict and PeaceScreams. A violent turbulence of gunshots ring through the air. A boy, of 14, yells, raises his gun, and blasts a maelstrom of bullets into a group of charging men. Two fall, crumpling to the ground. The rest of the men quickly in-circle the boy, their weapons raised. The boy reluctantly throws down his gun, rolling himself into a crumpled ball, weeping.

This is only a sliver of what happened in the Iraq War, in 2003. This is also an example of conflict. “A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one。”-Dictionary

Without conflict, there could be no peace. Without peace, there is no conflict. The two are inextricably, intricately combined, yet they are complete opposites, like matter and anti-matter, the angel and the devil. Most common denizens of any state, wish for ongoing peace. Whether the country be a Parliamentary Republic, a Constitutional Monarchy, Executive Presidency or even a Directorial System, all people yearn for peace. The main concern is when there are needs, needs for materials; (oil, food, land, timber, people, technology, etc…), the list is endless. The lesser chances in where peace is unfortunately avoided are extremist radicals, such as the Al-Qaeda group, as well as other extremist political organizations or parties.

Because of the different varieties of conflicts that majorly affect people, there are endless lists of different ideas that are instituted to help solve unwanted conflicts. Conflicts can be as simple as an argument, or a full blown war, but the conflicts that really need people’s attention are the larger ones, the ones that take lives. All in all, solving conflicts, all of them, is no easy task, so let’s all do our part.

Submitted by: Adrian Wang ISNS MIddle

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