Recent Study Shows that People Uses to Much Antibiotics

Recent Study Shows that People Uses to Much AntibioticsLast month China’s Ministry of Health revealed that each Chinese person consumes an average of 138 grams of antibiotics per year, which is ten times the amount consumed per capita in the United States. Studies also showed that a lot of Chinese people are prescribed with Penicillin as much as three times the international standards. The Ministry also said that 70 percent of patients in hospitals received antibiotics, which is above the maximum amount of 30 percent recommended by the Word Health Organization.

As the wet winter weather passes through China, most residents suffer from respiratory problems such as cough and colds, but instead of reaching for the medicine cabinets, majority of the residents head to their local hospitals for a dose of antibiotic IV drips. One patient said that she visits the clinic for three straight days for an IV drip of antibiotics for her cough and is clears up after that and she believe it to be more effective that taking oral medication.

The World Health Organization is warning that China’s overuse of antibiotics can lead to certain diseases to develop immunity. WHO is estimating that around 6.8 percent of the Tuberculosis cases in China are multi drug resistant compared to other countries that have only 2 percent. Medical experts also believe that certain diseases such as syphilis and the superbug MRSA is thriving as it adopts to the country’s antibiotic heavy environment.

WHO is now asking the country to use antibiotics more responsibly, since the speed in which these drugs are lost outpaces the development of newer or replacement drugs. It’s not clear on how the problem have grown severe, or what the solution might be, but researchers believe that the patient themselves are to blame. A patient that didn’t get an IV drip or injection of antibiotics felt that they did not get a good standard of care. Also medical practitioners often prescribe antibiotics to their patients to be on the safe side, saying that the very least of the drugs will not harm their patients.

The country s now finding ways to curtail the problem, local administrators are now taking steps to tackle the problem, cities are doing surveys of antibiotics usage in hospitals in the city. Hospitals found to be overusing antibiotics will have their ranking downgraded. While on a national level tighter regulations will be imposed to control the use of antibiotics.

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