Cultural Bike Trip Around the Guangzhou City Center

Cultural Bike Trip Around the Guangzhou City CenterOur special bike trip around Guangzhou city center start from the ZhongYang Park situated on the central island in the Pearl River. To reach the island there is an access from the Guanghou bridge along the central Guangzhou Dadao. At the exit from the bridge you will take Datong road and  park your car . Just in the nearby Xiao Wu street , you will find a bike rental point of the Green Way. There, you can rent your bike for a low of 3 rmb for hour ( with a deposit of 200 rmb).

Then you are ready to start for your trip around Guangzhou city center. Just few hundreds meters from the rental point you will find the first attraction of this trip: the Museum of Art, with the top temporary exhibition of painting in the Guangdong Province (ticket at the entrance). The museum is worthy of a visit of at least one hour. Beside the museum the captivating building of the  Xinghai concert Hall.

Coming back to the Guangzhou bridge , with your bike you can cross the river in direction south ( with beautiful view on the surrounding skyscrapers) and start to pedal in direction west along the river on the green way bike path. The riverside , is not very crowdie along the Bingjiang Donglu  that we will follow for a couple of Kilometers until to arrive to an interesting Monuments that is worthy of a visit : The headquarter of the generalissimo Sun Yat Sen in Guangzhou ( entrance Free ). The two buildings headquarter show the organization of Sun Yat Sen during the time he was settled in Guangzhou in the years before his death in the 1925.  You will see the departments in which the settlement was divided and also the private apartment of Sun Yat Sen with his wife Song Chin Lin.

Cultural Bike Trip Around the Guangzhou City CenterThis Museum is worthy of one hour visit , after that you will continue along the river in the east direction till to reach the bridge  of the GongYe Dadao that will bring you back to the north bank on the Pearl river introducing to you, on the left the marvelous Shamian Island, the former colonial settlement of the western in Guangzhou. The island , now completely restored in his old buildings, is car free and should be visited carefully because his dozen of outstanding colonial architecture . This very quiet place in the bustling Guangzhou is a perfect place for a relaxing lunch in one of the several restaurants along the three roads that are crossing the ancient colonial site. For the people that can afford an expensive lunch, the best site is the restaurant in the White Swann Hotel, with great river view .

The Shamien Island is still hosting also a catholic church perfectly restored and open to the public.

After lunch you can continue your itinerary along the Pearl river, this time in the west direction and always following the green way signal along the Yiangjiang West Road.

This part of the road is very similar to the famous Shanghai Bund, with a lot of outstanding buildings like the Shaji Massacre Martyr memorials , the Neoclassic style post office and the severe building of the ICBC bank ( great interiors with cupola and columns).

Cultural Bike Trip Around the Guangzhou City CenterOnce arrived to the Tianzi wharf ( where there is a nice and inexpensive ferry to cross the river) you will turn left to enter the famous Beijing road. This commercial road is surrounded by small roads with vivid markets of garments and fashion accessory .

It’s a kind of paradise for lady shopping and also a good place for pictures and relax.

Remember to park your bike in an authorized  parking lot, as this area is not very safe.

So you will be more relaxed for your shopping time that can last for how long you like .

Lady clothes , bags , shoes, fashion accessory , watches are the most suitable merchandise to be bought after a tough  bargain with the vendors.

Once finish your shopping you can go back to the river and continue in the west direction along the Yanjiang west road that still will impress you with nice view of the green gardens  and the continuous flows of the boats along the rivers.

Then you will find the Datong road on the right hand site, that will bring you back to the central island and the parking lot .

At the end of the day you will be surprised that a big and chaotic city like Guangzhou can be turned around quite smoothly by bike, thanks to the construction of the green way, that make easy , convenient  go around the metropolis by bike .

For those interested in joining this bike trip, please contact Marco Loglio at m.loglio@gmail.com or call 15889786671

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Marco Loglio was born in Northern Italy. Shortly after he arrived in Shenzhen in the early 1990’s, he realized that next to the busy city center where over 10 million people live and work, there are still untouched areas where one can relax, enjoy spectacular scenery, visit abandoned villages, forests, waterfalls, lakes, and even see rare animals.

It is while conducting hiking and cycling groups in these areas for nearly 10 years that Marco decided to compile and share his knowledge in a single volume: “Shenzhen Hikes.”

Marco is an well-known Italian author and has published articles in various Chinese newspapers, including Shenzhen Daily.

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