5 Rules of Performance Nutrition – Rule 5

5 Rules of Performance Nutrition - Rule 5We are now on to the final Rule of Performance Nutrition.

Rule 5 Supplementation

It is very hard to get all of the nutrients your body needs to remain healthy and active from food alone, particularly if you are on a diet, where you want to restrict calories to drop body fat.

Therefore, it is important to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals and other carefully selected substances to ensure maximum progress toward your fitness, health, muscle developing and fat-loss goals.

Every serious athlete in the world knows this and are given strict supplementation programs to support their practice and training.

Also, no matter how hard you try no matter how good a cook you are, or where you buy your food – you cannot always eat 5 or 6 healthy meals a day, which is Rule 1 of performance nutrition.

There are many instances when your body either requires or can make good use of certain micronutrients in greater amounts, than what can be derived from food alone.

Soil depletion, toxins in the food chain, over processing, overcooking, free-radical formation in the body, and a host of other (sometimes medically related) factors can all interact to make food less than totally nutritious.

Periods of high stress training require a higher intake of many nutrients without a commensurable increase in caloric needs.

Humankind’s genius has allowed us to improve Mother Natures original work in many of life’s arenas. One such arena is in the nutritional supplement industry. There are some great supplements for serious sports competition training or fitness training that are not available in nature.

I hope this series on Performance Nutrition has been helpful to your practice and training.

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