Fusion Fitness Biggest Loser in Support of Captivating International

Would you like to GET FIT, LOSE WEIGHT and SUPPORT CAPTIVATING at the same time?

If this is how you would like to start off the year of the dragon, then read on……

Fusion Fitness Biggest Loser in Support of Captivating InternationalFusion fitness are running a fun 3-month competition to promote healthy living and weight loss, where individuals and teams compete to see who can lose the most weight (by %) by the end of the competition with a chance to win awesome prizes as well as supporting Captivating, all while getting in shape!

Our Captivating team has already started to weigh in, so don’t delay and join in.

Fusion Fitness Biggest Loser in Support of Captivating InternationalHow do I join?

  • Register by yourself or as a team before February 6th.
  • Initial Weigh-ins to take place from February 6th to 12th where everyone will get together to kick-off the event and start losing from day one!

What is included?

  • One three-month gym membership.
  • Five group training sessions each week with professional trainers.
  • Nutritional and fitness consultations before and after each training session.

Contest ends on May 12th with prizes for the following:

Fusion Fitness Biggest Loser in Support of Captivating International1st Men & Women’s. One year platinum Fusion membership, 1000RMB Health Elements gift certificate and trophy. Total value: 7500RMB.
2nd Men & Women’s. One year standard Fusion membership, 500RMB Health Elements gift certificate; and trophy. Total value: 3000RMB.
1st – 3rd Team Prizes Trophy to each company and over 20,000RMB in prizes.

Entry Fees:

  • Individual 1000RMB
  • Company Sponsor up to 5 persons 5000RMB
  • Company Sponsor 6+ 10000RMB

*10% of registration fees collected to be donated to Captivating International

Fusion Fitness Biggest Loser in Support of Captivating InternationalTo register or make an inquiry; please visit Fusion Fitness, call Dan @13632510252 or John @18675509407. Send an e-mail to info@fusionfitnesssz.com with your name and whether you are participating individually or on a corporate team. For more information on fusion fitness, visit www.fusionfitnesssz.com.




Fusion Fitness Biggest Loser in Support of Captivating International

7 Comments for “Fusion Fitness Biggest Loser in Support of Captivating International”

  1. Here is a brief description of all the classes that are available to the BL contestants. Let me know if you need more information!

    Best in fitness,
    John Graham

    John Graham Fitness

    Instructor Classes
    This class is a ‘strength’ class, it is a highly efficient, full-body weight training workout which uses barbells and hand weights to strengthen and sculpt all muscle groups. The pace is moderate and is more anaerobic in nature. This class compliments Taebo well which is more aerobic, training your heart rate.

    This is a cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind. No equipment is used and gloves are not required. You will learn skills choreographed to energising music.

    MMA/ Fitness/ Boxing and Combat Cardio
    The best way to describe this class is it’s like Taebo or your typical Combat Cardio Boxing class but with a bit more attitude. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts deals with all fighting styles in one, everything from ground work to stand-up. Every class starts with a Fitness component and involves unconventional high intensity movements that work your whole body. Boxing, and combat drills are all incorporated during the class to give well rounded class that gets your heart rate up and your muscles worked.

    Trainer Classes

    Strength and Conditioning
    This class is run by Zach Hany who has a strong background in CrossFIt and Strength and Conditioning. Each class will involve strict form instruction, a Strength element with Power and Olympic movements and a Conditioning challenge.

    Cross Circuit
    This class is run by Josh Phillips and is a class with a lot of variety in it, every session will be something different and will incorporate all of the above approaches with some new movements added on.

    Intensity Circuit
    I follow a celebrity style workout, not too hard and not too easy. It will grab the best of every approach in fitness and bring them into one. There is a section with resistance for muscle developing, cardio for developing over-all fitness and eliminating fat and midsection work to tone and tuck the tummy.

  2. I have been working on finalising the classes for the Biggest Loser. Below is the list of classes available to all contestants of the contest.
    Mark them on your calendar and I’ll see you in there !

    9:30am on Tues, Thurs and Sat

    9:30am on Wed and 5:30pm on Tues and Thurs

    Strength and Conditioning (CrossFit Style)
    6:00am on Mon

    JGF Intensity Circuit (my personal class)
    6:00pm on Wed

    Cross Circuit
    9:30am on Sat

    MMA – Fitness/ boxing/ combat cardio
    6:30pm on Tues and Wed and 10:00am on Sat

  3. Hahahaha Jason! Looking forward to having you join the group!
    Brian was great to have you come over to Fusion, get ready for 3 months of losing and winning!!!

    John Graham

  4. I’m in as well, Johnny! The gym looks great and I can’t wait to start next week!


  5. I’m in as well Johnny! The gym looks great and I can’t wait to start next week!


  6. This is a fun challenge for the new year and i want to encourage everyone to come participate!
    In Fusion we have had a lot of support from the instructors and we are now at 12 FREE Classes a WEEK for every contestant.
    That’s a 3 month membership + 12 FREE classes a week all for only 1,000rmb!
    Hurry up and get on over to Fusion to sign up.

    Hope to see you there
    John Graham

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