PeacePeace is a word that we see and hear everywhere in the world. Peace is taught in schools and religions. We hear songs asking for peace or to restore peace. So, I think everyone wants peace.

What is peace? I think peace is a wonderful thing. Peace can be peace at home, peace in school or world peace. I love peace because peace helps us to stay happy by having enough food to eat and everyone have a home. Peace exists when we play in harmony and respect each other’s cultures and religions. When it is peaceful, we get to enjoy many things in life. We will get to go to schools to improve ourselves, go parks to play with friends, have many kinds of food to eat and travel to different countries.

I am from Malaysia. Malaysia has got many races and the main races are Malays, Chinese and Indians. All of the races have different skin colors, speaks different languages, have different cultures, festivals and values. Growing up in Malaysia had taught me to respect each other, play together and help each other even though we look different from one another. We also are taught to speak in different languages so that all of us can understand each other. Malaysia is a peaceful country and because of peace, we get to learn from different races the ways to do things. I think to have peace, the most important thing is to have everyone speak the same language. That way we will be able to understand each other better.

Without peace we will have lots of war and lots of people dying. When there is war, food and homes will be destroyed. We will have to hide so that we will not be killed. Many will also be sick because we will not have clean food and water when there is war. I always see on television how people suffer when there is war in their countries. I sure do not want that to happen to me.

I think peace is very important and everyone should try to achieve peace in their lives by trying to be more understanding to others. That way we will all get to enjoy the goodness that peace brings to us.

Submitted by: Jocelyn Chia Li Yen ISNS Primary

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