FriendshipI have many friends in Malaysia and I miss all of them. I am scared to come to Shenzhen because I cannot speak mandarin well. Now I make more friends when I am in Shenzhen. In summer, I make new friends when I go for swimming classes and ping pong classes. My mandarin is not that good but I do have China friends. Sometimes it is difficult to understand them because they speak mandarin very fast but they will talk slower when I tell them I do not understand.

I am very happy when I join ISNS and make new friends. My ISNS friends speak English and it is easier for me to make new friends. I have friends from different classes in ISNS. Two of my closest friends in ISNS are my classmates. We sit near to each other in class. We will talk and share food with each other during recess. Every morning, we play games like tag, dodge ball, running race and hide and seek at the soccer field. My friends and I also like to play football. On every lunch time, we will eat our food very fast so that we can have more time to play.’

When we finished playing, we will be very tired but happy. We always teach each other new games to play. Now I know how to play many new games. I also learnt how to make a party hat from my friend. We also help each other out in our school work whenever any of us do not know how to do it. At the end of school, we will wave goodbye to each other before getting on our school bus to go home.

So, I think everyone needs friendship to be happy. I wish to have more friends in China so that I get to try new food, learn new games and go to new places.

Submitted by: Raymond Chia ISNS Primary

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