PeacePeace in my words means no wars and no killings. Peace is very important because if there is no peace between people or countries, everyone will die, well, most people will die, and there will be no food or fresh water or shelter. If there is peace, everyone is happy, no wars, no killings, and the best of all, you can enjoy your favorite food, you can drink your favorite juice, you can have a nice sleep with no worries about a bomb or missile that will be descend from the sky to explode you out.

In war countries like Iraq or Afghanistan, kids don’t go to school because their teachers all go for war and the kids must escape fast or they will be killed. Further more, there will be no water, no food, and no home in a war. So, it’s better to have peace everywhere and no one will die.

In comparison, China is a peaceful place where there is no war and there is no fighting. On the streets, people are laughing and smiling and everyone is happy. Everyone can eat, drink and sleep. Kids can go to school, adults can go to work, and that’s how peaceful China is. I enjoy this peaceful life.

I think that wars are just like “I want your land and I’m taking it.” I wish everywhere would be peaceful, so no one will die and I hope there would never be wars going on in any countries in the world.

Submitted by: Albert Xu ISNS Primary

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