The War of the Matkins

The War of the MatkinsOnce there was a country called Mat. It was placed in the very center of the earth. No people had ever heard of it or been there. There were only special creatures called the Matkins living there.

The Matkins were slightly smaller than a human. They have a scent like the forest although they had never been to one.

The Matkins were sorted into two groups. The Shy But Smart (Also known as the SS) And the Strong But Dumb (also known as the SD) The two groups never had any serious arguments until one day. Who knew one sentence could change so much?

It was a breezy morning and the sky looked like it was about to rain in any minute. There was two Matkins shopping in the mall. One was called Juni and was a SD and one was called Kit, who was a SS. They saw a purse that they both liked, so they each grabbed a handle.

They looked up and glared at each other.

“I saw it first, Empty Brain.” Kit said with a know-it-all face.

“No I saw it first, Shy Face.” Juni sneered.

“Well, since I am one of the SD, I will be taking it home. So hand it over.”

“I doubt you will have enough money so why risk the chance? And who says a SD should be treated differently than a SS?”

“First of all, we are much more stronger than you guys. So that shall make us more powerful.”

“Well, we are much more smarter so that makes us more powerful.”

There was an empty silence in the air. Then, Kit broke the silence. “If you think the SD are so powerful, I demand a war to settle it.” Kit put on a stern face although there was fear hanging in her voice.

You see, in Mat, there are no laws so a Matkin demanding a war is fine as long as the other Matkins agree.

When Kit has called on a war, all the Matkins that heard her turned and stared. Then, half of them started nodding while half was rubbing their chins, still deciding if it was a wise decision.

Word spread around quickly and soon, everyone knew about the war to settle if the SD were more powerful than the SS. All has agreed on the war and had set a date for it.

Since the news had been told, every men and women started training anxiously. They bought all sorts of deadly weapons and trained day and night. Some has gotten more powerful everyday. But some saw how dangerous fighting could be and immediately quit.

There was one boy called Rick that really loved living in peace. So this whole war made him uneasy. Everyday when his mother and father were training, he bothered them with a thousand questions and suggestions about the war. But his parents only ignored him and walked away.

Finally, the big day came. The war was going to happen in the enormous soccer arena. Before the war started, everyone was in the player’s locker room warming up with their tools. The SD went to the male locker room and the SS went to the female locker room.

Nobody talked, so the whole arena was silent. The kids are allowed to sit in the bleachers to watch but they had to stay silent.

Of course, Rick was among those children.  He had refused to come and had thrown a fit. But his parents had persuaded him to come by threatening.

Suddenly, a loud horn blasted. The war has officially started. The SS and SD all came running into view. As soon as they met each other, they started slashing their swords at each other.

Rick couldn’t bear to watch on. The scene was just too cruel and bloody. He finally decided to put a stop to it when he saw his mother lying on the ground with a sword stuck in her arm. He ran over to the speaker. He offered the umpire a dollar for him to make an announcement and the umpire agreed.

He took the microphone and shouted in his loudest voice. “STOP!” Everyone looked up and started muttering. “I know I’m not supposed to be hear but I have a really important announcement to make.” Rick continued. “Everybody, look around you.”

Everybody did as they were told. And for the first time since the war has started, they realized that the ones that they had injured were actually the ones that they love. Rick seemed to read their minds and said, “You are harming the most important person in your lives and you only wanted to be claimed as the most powerful ones. Is that behavior right?” Everyone shook their heads.

Suddenly, Rick didn’t felt like a child anymore. “So can everyone do me a favor by putting down their weapons and make peace?”

Everyone dropped their weapons. They had only one thought in their head. ‘I had been fighting for something really silly and before I knew it, the ones that I had loved are gone. I can never forgive myself.’ And they finally realized. Living in peace is the best. Nothing is worth having a war over. What do you think?

Submitted by: Anmy Lee ISNS Primary

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