PeaceOne day morning I have a fight with my elder brother Khurt.  I was so angry with him because he break my ever favorite toy which my Dad and Mom gave it to me as a reward. So on that whole day I did not talk to him even a single word at all.  Khurt keep on talking with me to say sorry for a lot of times, but I just keep silent.  I know that he is really guilty for what he done on that day, but the feeling that had happen for this morning remind me do not say any word to him, because it hurt me a lot.

After a while, my Mom and Dad just got home and they saw both of us are in different corner and were doing separate things.  So my Mom told my Dad that “what’s going on with the kids?”  We seldom saw them not playing to each other it’s a little bit strange today.  Then my Mom and Dad talk to both of us and said “What happen to you guys?” Why both of you are silence?  Is there anything we could help?

Then on that moment I told everything to my Mom and Dad what was happened when they are no around with us.  So after, I told the whole story to my parents.  One thing my parents told us is that: you guys are brothers no matter what happen, you should forgive and accept to each other fault.  After my parents finish talking I just hug my elder brother and told him that sorry!  “I love you Khurt”.  You are the best brother that I had.

So then on, we become friends and brother afterwards.  This is what you call a Peace of Mind.

Submitted by: Thoby Go ISNS Primary

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