Don’t Cry For me Sudan

Don’t Cry For me SudanPeople spend lots of time to think about their future career. Some people use lots of money to make their life better with a better career. But, have you ever actually thought about the essence of your life?

People say only humans have greater beauty than any other creature. I did not understand what that meant when I heard it before. But, one day I saw a documentary film, Don’t Cry For me Sudan, and had chance to understand the meaning of humans’ greater beauty.

A Korean doctor and catholic priest John Tae-Seok Lee went to Sudan Africa to help one of the least privileged people in the world who had been struggling from rage, hatred from wars, sorrow from the poverty, crime and fear from the disease.

When he was there for the first, he ruminated on the priority of establishing a school, a hospital or a church for the area. Then he came up with choosing ideas of founding a hospital and school first, putting a church on hold as he believed that they are the most important things that they needed. Once they established the hospital people who heard came from all over the country to be healed.

In the school he taught English and Math and employed teachers from Kenya for the children who were forced to be soldiers. He helped children to have a dream and hope again from their destroyed body, soul and love in their heart. Not only teaching English and Math, he also taught Music to children for emotional healing. He even formed a band with children and made performances in public. Those activities led them to have priceless moments for the people who never dreamed of their life can be better if they put their sincere efforts and try. And then he died in Korea with colorectal cancer and could not go back to Sudan.

Though he died from a distance, his devotion brought true peace in Sudan.

Catholic priest John Tae-seok Lee gave up a better career and devoted himself to the Sudan. If he became a doctor and stayed in Korea, of course he could have earned much more money. But he couldn’t have the genuine essence of the life shinier than any other creature on this world.

The way that he chose was truly worthy for both himself and the Sudanese.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The richest man in the world? Doctor? Lawyer? The great leader of your country? We can choose our future in many ways.

But, let’s think about this. I had chance to learn this great opportunity to think my life with better clear view and higher standard. When my time arrives to choose my career or future, I will consider this: Is this good and worth to our world? It may sound too crusader’s but even you want to be a teacher, for example, you can be a real good teacher as you will be an educator who will continuously devote to the world.

The priest chose his career for the world for the peace and I hope we all can choose our life for the world peace, too. The world peace is not in UN or some international building. It is everywhere we live in.

Submitted by: Eulee Kwon ISNS Secondary

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