Peace and Conflict

Peace and ConflictThey were once twins, but were separated after birth. The elder twin, James, was sent to live in the world filled with conflicts and wars. The younger twin, Harry, lived in a world of peace.

Thirty years have now passed and the twins finally met. James, body full of muscles, scars and tattoos, has eyes full of rage and hatred, his broken arm will be wasted forever and he wore bandages oozing with blood over countless wounds. He is now wearing a dust covered military uniform and carrying a M16A2 assault rifle. Harry, on the other hand, had large innocent eyes that showed peace. He is wearing a clean suit and a dark-colored tie. James seemed nonchalant at the reunion while Harry looked like the happiest person in the world.

Harry couldn’t wait anymore, “So, how was life during the past 30 years James?” he blurted out with a voice full of curiosity. However, James did not seem to notice, he stood there, staring at the sky. To the left, white puffy clouds floated around the blue flawless sky, oil-green trees filled the finely constructed park, and even the water seemed bluer. That was the world of peace. The conflict world, in contrast, had a sky coated with grey smoke, the thundering blasts of weapons and screams from their citizens clearly showed the kind of situation they were in. Harry, suddenly astound by how different they were, also got carried away by the scene.

“Went into the army at 12, and kept fighting for my life on the battle field from then.” Muttered James’s cold voice. “Its just unbelievable how I survived for the past eighteen years.” James chattered on and on, and to Harry’s astonishment, James started sobbing hysterically. This was indeed, the first time Harry has seen a grown men cry, for his world was filled with laughter and happiness. Harry did not understand what James meant by war, what he meant by bombs and tanks and fighter planes. Harry, for the first time, started to think about what really is around him, what is outside his own little bubble.

Once again, curiosity took him, and Harry said, “Come to my world, brother. Here you will find peace and happiness. I am willing to replace you in the world of conflict.” James froze. It was the first time anyone has wanted to enter their world. It was from this that James realized what love is, how noble this quality is, and he started to comprehend the right way of solving problems. He disagreed with his brother, and took off, a massive plan already formed in his head.

James became famous for peace promoting and knowing how to save the problems. After his death, his famous quote became wide known and remembered. This is what he said: “An eye for an eye only makes the world blind. If you really want to solve the issue, learn these words: forgive, understand, respect, and equality.”

Submitted by: Tiger Wang ISNS Secondary

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