Romantic Valentines Day Destinations

Valentines Day is celebrated one a year were couples expresses their love to one another by giving gifts, having a romantic dinner and don’t forget the flowers. Another great way of celebrating Valentines is bringing your partner in some of the romantic places found just outside of the city. Here are a few places that you can visit and learn more about love and its traditional culture in China.

Romantic Valentines Day DestinationsRunan in Henan Province is the home of the well known Butterfly Lovers or the Chinese Romeo and Juliet. Runan is a small county that houses a romantic and tragic love story. As it goes the story happened in Liangzhu Township just 30 kilometers from downtown Runan. This is where students Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo met and became close friends. The only problem is that Zhu Yingtai is a woman disguising as a man so she can attend classes in an ear where women were not allowed to study. It didn’t take long for Zhu to reveal her true self to Liang and they fell in love.

The only thing is that Zhu’s parents have arrange her marriage to man from a wealthy family. Liang was so heart broken and unable to bear being separated from Zhu he eventually died. On Zhu’s wedding day, she visited Liang’s grave and weeps in despair. The story goes that the Liang’s grave opened and Zhu threw herself in to be with Liang. Afterwards butterflies emerge from the grave as symbols of their spirits and flew away together.

Romantic Valentines Day DestinationsThe Lover’s Valley in Huangshan in Anhui Province is a place where lovers go to, aside from the beautiful scenery and numerous attractions the valley is a place with a unique romantic setting. In 1986, 36 people from Shanghai took a trip to Huangshan Mountain. Since the mountain areas were not yet well developed the travelers were trapped in the Jade Valley for almost three days. Through encouragement and giving each other a hand, the travelers found there way out. Eventually they returned to Shanghai with 20 of them finding love and got married. And because of the romance brought by the place, eventually they asked the city government to rename the place from Jade Valley into Lover’s Valley.

Romantic Valentines Day DestinationsBecause of the well-known historical play The Romance of the Western Chamber,Yongji in Shanxi Province became famous in China. The play set during the Tang Dynasty, tells of a story of a young scholar, Zhang Sheng, who fell in love with the beautiful Cui Yingying, who was the daughter of the prime minister.

Zhang saved Yingying from bandits, but her mother refuses to let them marry, since Zhang is poor. Zhang went on to prove himself and became a brilliant scholar and is appointed to high office, this eventually allowed Zhang and Yingying marry even with the lack of parental approval. The lovers met at the Pujiu Temple known to locals as the Holy Land of Love. Every year the temple organizes a large match making activity wherein thousands flock for a chance to meet with their life partner.

So make this Valentines Day more memorable to your loved one by taking her or him to these romantic places and fall in love all over again.

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