Vice President Xi Jinping Meets President Obama and Several Other U.S. Leaders

Vice President Xi Jinping Meets President Obama and Several Other U.S. LeadersChinese Vice President Xi Jinping met with U.S. president Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and several top senior U.S. Officials in Washington. Xi, together with the U.S. Leaders, agreed to work together to grasp opportunities, fight difficulties and promote a China-US partnership that is based on respect and mutual benefits.

During his visit, Xi presented Obama with a letter written by Chinese President Hu Jintao, stating that Xi’s visit was aimed at implementing the consensus agreed by the presidents of the two countries on the promotion of bilateral ties. Xi hopes to build consensus, create more and deepen friendships, while communicating with people from various walks of Life. President Obama received Xi in the Oval Office and welcomes the peaceful rise of China.

Earlier Xi was invited by his U.S. counterpart, Vice President Joe Biden to the White House to join talks which lasted more than two hours. Discussions were mostly centered around what’s happening with Syria and Xi expressed China’s position as safeguarding the peace and stability in the Middle East that is relevant with international principles. Xi was also invited to a luncheon that was hosted by VP Biden together with U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Xi also got the chance to visit the Pentagon and met with the U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Edward Panetta, along with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey. Before they met Panetta hosted a welcome ceremony in honor of Xi in the Pentagon, which is a rare honor for any official from a foreign country.

Xi is scheduled to visit Capitol Hill and meet with the leaders of the U.S. Congress and to address a roundtable meeting attended by business leaders. Then he will travel to Muscatine, Iowa to reunite with old friends he met on a previous U.S. visit.

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