Basketball’s Newest Star, Jeremy Lin has People Asking: Who is this Kid?

Basketball's Newest StarJeremy Lin.  Up until a few weeks ago, nobody knew him or saw him play, he didn’t get any athletic scholarship and wasn’t drafted by an NBA team; that is, until he lit the sporting world on fire, showing the world of basketball what he can do best.

Lin holds an Ivy League degree, Lin traveled across the country just to study at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts. He majored in economics and excelled in the college basketball team and graduated in 2010, with honors. He started his career in basketball as an underdog, and wasn’t drafted into the NBA after graduation. He joined the Dallas Mavericks during the summer but was later released. In 2010 he signed with the Golden State Warriors and later was cut to free up a roster position. He was then signed by Houston Rockets, only to be released again to sign up a bigger name player; and finally, on December 27 he signed with the New York Knicks.

It would seem that luck is finally on Lin’s side, as the no-namer, who had just a few days to go before he was to be released by the Knicks, was finally able to get some playing time, with star players Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire not able to play. Jeremy Lin turned out to be a star.

Lin, had the best five-game starting debut in NBA history, averaging 23.3 points and 7.4 assists he has now surpassed legends such as Micheal Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Teammates say that Lin is the greatest asset on the team, playing as well as anyone in the NBA right now.

His success has also created an unending number of puns or Lin puns, from Lincredible, Linderella, thrilLin, Super Lintendo and the most popular, if irritatingly so, Linsanity. Asked about his sudden fame, Lin says it is surreal and he is waking up everyday enjoying it and at the same time trying to staying focused.

Lin’s popularity is now the highest that any NBA player can get in Asia after the recent retirement of Yao Ming from the Houston Rockets. But it isn’t basketball’s newest star’s skills that truly amaze, it’s the idea that if you truly work at it, you may one day just make it.

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