Ban on Electric Bicycles to Start Soon

Ban on Electric Bicycles to Start SoonElectric bicycle restrictions will be implemented in April of this year; with the government hoping that the road-based ban will improve traffic conditions. Addressing concerns of bike owners no longer able to travel on certain roads,  the city currently has 887 bus routes with bus coverage every 500 meters, covering 100 percent of Luohu, Futian, Nanshan,Yantian and Bao’an districts.

Some people still see the restrictions as a burden, using their e-bikes much like one would use a car, for groceries, dropping the kids off at school and generally getting around from point A to B. Some say that they will still use their bicycles and  just have to avoid any traffic police.

In the latest survey done by the traffic police, around 80 percent of the electric bicycles in the city do not meet the national standards in terms of weight and speed. The standards require electric bicycles to weigh no more than 40 kilograms with a maximum speed of 20 kilometers. Electric bikes in the city can reach 50 kilometers which poses a threat to pedestrians, drivers and cars as well.

Many say that electric bicycles have the right to use the roads as well, and are asking the government to open special lanes for electric bicycles. Several businesses will also be affected such as delivery and postal services. One delivery company said that his operating cost will increase once he needs to replace some of his bicycles that do not meet the national standards. There are few cheaper forms of transportation that can be used for delivery with small vans being too expensive to maintain and inefficient.

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  1. Good idea to ‘regulate’ these pesky bikes and their operators – mostly ignorant, discourteous, noisy and poor(who perjhaps NEED these things!)! The city/cities should do as ‘western’ cities do and rake the revenue from them: require drivers licences, helmuts, licence plates, rego and insurance and ticket or impound/sell any that are illegally operated(and on sidewalks) or not up to standard. And, create more bike lanes for them. AND, create a new industry for recycling the batteries etc. The Chinese – usually very interested in money – surely cannot miss this opportunity……and make the streets safer as well! Legalise them is beter and educate the drivers!

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